Kishia Watson

Dental Assistant

I’m Kishia, Dr. McClaflin’s dental assistant. I have been a part of the Mac team since June 2004. I have been in this career path since 1996 after graduating from Concorde Career Institute. Dentistry is my love and passion, and I’m blessed to be able to say “I truly love what I do”. I enjoy taking the fear out of coming to see us, by explaining treatment, holding a hand or whatever it takes to make patients feel comfortable. I  also love working with children. Playing games and simply connecting with them is one of my strong points as an assistant.

When I’m not in my dental world, I spend time with my son Pete. Pete is enjoying being a single twenty-something year old. He works at Insight Global and is bartending at the Royals games. He has a cute space in the Rivermarket area and is making me a very proud mama!!

As a result of my passion, I’ve created a business for myself called Pretty Please Productions. I bring my assisting skills to the fashion world by doing event planning and coordinating, and event production. I am also a graduate of the Landmark Forum and continue my growth and education there. Life is full of love and light and God is at the center of it all! I look forward to meeting you sooner than later!