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Since you insist, we’ll give it our best shot! While many people enjoy a day at the dentist, there are a few of you who don’t find us all that fun. Since it is one of those things that you have to do anyway, we really try hard to make it as comfortable as possible.  For you naysayers, we’re going to change your mind about a trip to the dentist, ok?

Besides offering pain-free dentistry, the rest of your body sometimes needs a little pampering too. We have blankets to keep you all cozy, pillows so your neck doesn’t get too stiff, and bite pillows so your jaw doesn’t get tired from staying open. For those of you whose mind needs a little vacation, we have laughing gas and all kinds of music to tune our noises out.  We help you get all presentable after your appointment with a hot moist towel and a beverage to go if you’d like (sorry, no wine and soda-we are, after all, here for the health of your teeth!). While we’re concerned for your well-being during the appointment, we may check in with you at the end of the day so we know you’re doing ok afterwards too. And finally, if you have insurance, we’ll file all that pesky paperwork for you, and even call to verify what your benefits are before we start any treatment. We’re here for you and once we get your business, we’re going to work hard to keep it!