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Exceptional dental care, extraordinary results.

Your health is important to you, and it’s just as important to us. We feel it is critical to have a dentist that you can trust your health with and have confidence in. We think the only thing about your mouth that should be contagious is your smile!

Our goal is to create an experience that gives you outstanding dental care and not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them! Our experts give you superior dental care with a warm and personal touch. Using the most up-to-date, dependable techniques, materials and technologies, we deliver happy patients, healthy teeth and joints, and beautiful smiles.

Patient Experience

We’re all about you!

At our office, we treat the entire person, not just your teeth and gums. We think it’s pretty important to discover what goals you have for you oral health and smile, and then help you achieve them.

Throughout your examination, we leave no stone unturned. We are unbelievably thorough–all while using the latest imaging and diagnostic technology. We focus on the things that affect your oral health (and smile) over the long haul; not just a quick check for cavities and gum disease. We carefully examine the muscles that you chew with, the jaw joints, and how your teeth fit together. We strive to educate you and give you both options and resources so that you can make your own decisions. No lecturing, no telling you what to do; just a good line of open communication. With this level of long term preventive care, coupled with the utmost in comfort and attention–what are you waiting for? Come experience it!

“”Throughout my 25 years of practicing dentistry, I have undoubtedly honed my dental knowledge and skills.  I’m simply not the same dentist I was when I finished dental school.  Years of practice and experience have shaped me into the dentist I am today.  One of the best things I did along the way was to go through a series of educational classes on occlusion (the way your teeth fit together) and TMJ (your jaw joint), taught by Dr. Peter Dawson.  Dr. Dawson is one of the foremost experts in the field of occlusion in the world, and it was quite a privilege to have studied under him.  I spent nearly 3 years completing the 6 levels of coursework, and it was an eye-opening, practice-changing experience!

I discovered an entirely new level of preventive dentistry.  Dr. Dawson taught me how to diagnose why teeth break and how to stop it!  Basically, it is getting your bite forces aligned and equalized so that your teeth, muscles, and joints can work together in harmony with each other.  If you are someone who experiences flat, worn teeth, jaw pain, or headaches in the temple/forehead area, these issues will decrease dramatically or even disappear with the proper treatment.  In the long run, what it will mean to you is less time and money spent on your mouth and  less dentistry needing to be done, because you’ll have a big decrease in the wear and breakage of your teeth.  Who wouldn’t want that?”

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